Forget passive income. There’s plenty of passive aggressiveness instead

I seriously thought that I found the right mentor when I came across Mark Ferguson. I was so excited to watch his videos and read his books. Yes, I actually spent money on those books he wrote. Too late when I realized they really didn’t contain much except for fluff and content you can find on other websites. For free.

But I thought, maybe it was my fault. Maybe I was just not understanding enough. So I sought him out, spent more money. But guess what, he is just after the money. He is all about the big bucks and his showy cars. He didn’t really care about the people who invest using the mumbo jumbo he has spun and spread. Needless to say, I lost a lot of money.

Even worse, when I tried to call him and try to resolve things, he just doesn’t give clear answers. I spent so many nights just feeling frustrated about the whole situation. I mean I worked hard to earn the money and getting nothing out of a value from a self styled amazing real estate investor is very damaging to my confidence as an investor.

I really hope that Mark gets his just desserts soon. All of the people he fooled does not deserve all of the anger and frustration while he’s out there enjoying himself.